Published on 3 November 2023

What to Do See and Eat in Marche region: Uncover the Magic!

What to Do See and Eat in Marche region: Uncover the Magic!

Experience the Marvels of Marche: Activities, Sightseeing, and Gastronomy Await!”

The Marche is a plural. The north is tinged with Romagnola; the Tuscan and Umbrian influence is evident along the Apennine ridge; the province of Ascoli Piceno is a prelude to Abruzzo and Sabina. But as much as they may welcome the echoes, the Marche resemble neither Tuscany, nor Romagna, nor Abruzzo, nor Umbria.” –
Guido Piovene, Viaggio in Italia

What to Do in the Marche region?

If you’re thinking of visiting Marche and wondering what to do, what to see, or what to eat in this beautiful yet lesser-known region, you’re in the right place. Here you will find some tips on the places and activities you can’t miss in our marvelous Marche.

Italy in one region, Marche – a unique plural region – a gateway to the East, facing the sea in the center of the Adriatic coast, is currently divided into five provinces: Pesaro Urbino, Macerata, Fermo, Ascoli Piceno, and the capital Ancona.

Did you know that in Marche, you can go from the sea to the mountains in just over an hour? You can enjoy the morning immersed in the magic of the Sibillini Mountains or explore the lost Apennines, and in the afternoon, dive into the waters of the Marche’s blue-flag beaches, from Portonovo to the Riviera delle Palme!

But let’s get to the point: what to do, see, and eat in the Marche? Below, you’ll find some tips to make the most of our splendid region. The activities are many and can be divided into biking and trekking, art and villages, gastronomy, and experiences.

What to Do in the Marche region? There are many hiking and cycling itineraries in the region. Whether you choose to start from the coast, the mountains, or the hills, you can explore the area on foot or by bike, on routes that cater to everyone, from the simplest for families to the more challenging for those looking to challenge themselves.

Art & Small Villages

What to See in Marche region?

Medieval villages, hermitages, and fortresses nestled among the hills are just waiting to be visited. All these villages boast ancient origins in which you can immerse yourself, discovering hidden treasures.

Strolling through the alleys and streets while a local guide tells stories, traditions, and anecdotes is one of the experiences we recommend, and who knows, maybe you’ll meet some characters who have been lost in time.

Let yourself be captivated by the beauties of historic theaters (we have dedicated a special article to these wonderful gems) and medieval fortresses, and for the more adventurous, go mummy hunting with our archaeologist Mara, who discovered them. (you will soon find an article about her discoveries).

Le Marche region is a land of wonders, with wise traditions and local products. Traditional craftsmanship, still very present and characteristic, remains as knowledge passed down from generation to generation. Examples of excellence include bobbin lace and ‘pagliarole’


What to Eat in Marche region?

As we mentioned, Marche is not just about art, villages, and stunning landscapes. Far and wide, you can taste and savor various local dishes and native wines.

The recipes range from seafood dishes on the coast, such as ‘brodetto alla sambenedettese,’ to typical mountain dishes with meat, truffles, and mushrooms. Don’t forget to try ‘ciauscolo,’ pink apples, green anise, and last but not least, the queen of Piceno, ‘Tenera Ascolana DOP,’ essential for ‘olive fritte all’ascolana’ (Ascoli-style fried olives).

Then, discover the wine routes. le Marche region has always been dedicated to viticulture. Here, you can taste different types of local white and red wines. In Piceno, the most famous is undoubtedly ‘Rosso Piceno Superiore,’ produced only in a restricted area around Ascoli, not to mention Italy’s most awarded wine, the famous ‘Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi,’ the hometown of Federico II di Svevia.”


Why not make your vacation even more special by enriching it with unique experiences to cherish?

There are truly many experiences to be had in Marche, catering to all tastes. From ceramic workshops for both adults and children to truffle hunting, or even mushroom and chestnut foraging in the woods, grape harvesting, a hot air balloon ride, or a horseback ride. These are just a few of the countless experiences you can enjoy in our region. Dedicate your days to discovering traditions and create unique souvenirs to gift to your friends when you return home.

Below, you’ll find a short video showcasing the beauty of this region. Now, it’s up to you to explore it in your preferred way. We recommend letting the lesser-known aspects of Marche guide you, uncovering those hidden gems that only those who truly know the region can offer you.

Happy Vacation!

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