About Us

Dedicated to discovering our villages rich in history, art and traditions. Above festivals, events and historical reenactments of the Piceno territory.
Tailored experiences
Thanks to our knowledge and passion, we are able to offer tailor-made vacation packages suited to each client's needs.
A world of vacations
We are able to help our clients in choosing or creating their ideal trip, whether it is to Italy, Europe or the World.

Piceno 2.0 – Marchuzzo Viaggi was born first of all from the love and strong bond that we have with our territory (Le Marche and Abruzzo region), from the long experience of our archaeologist Mara Miritello and from the perseverance, accompanied by a pinch of madness of two girls, Agnese Finoia and Federica Mascetti, who have always believed, specializing, in tourism and in the territory.

The idea of opening a tour operator was born in 2015, but the Piceno 2.0 will only see the light in August 2017. The devastating earthquake of 2016 blocked us, undecided whether or not to make the dream come true, in the end we realized that never as in that moment our territory needed to recover, and so thanks to a European call we were able to obtain the funds and give birth to Piceno 2.0, a path full of obstacles included the Covid-19 Pandemia, that we face together as a family.

Why Marchuzzo?

The term Marchuzzo (the h is silent) is the union of two fascinating regions, rich in history but little known. Le Marche and Abruzzo!

We are basically a 2.0 tour operator, Piceno 2.0 precisely, which was born as an Incoming reality, we creating and promote tourist packages that enhance the products of our network and the peculiarities of our territory, but we also support our partners in their various communication activities, so as to create, in this mix of tradition and innovation, a network of services and relationships with the customer.

What we offer?

Cultural, Experiential, Food and Wine Tours, Walking under the stars, Mountain excursions, E-bike tours, Boat trips.

Unusual itineraries, visits to small local museums, sometimes hidden places that tell the territory in its own way. How to live a territory better if not learning to cook its typical dishes?! In the essence of letting you live the territory at 360 °, we also organize show-cooking and cooking class.


We offer short or long-term holiday packages for individuals and small groups, dedicated to the discovery of our villages rich in history, art and traditions, created to be discovered all year long. Thanks to the various festivals, events or historical re-enactments in the area, you will immerse yourself with us in local folklore but not only our territory stands out for its typical products and wineries, for its craftsmanship, paths, mountains and legends that are handed down from generation to generation.

Together with the archaeologist, you’ll walk under the stars while admiring ancient medieval villages and tasting local wines.

Let’s not forget the mountain excursions. Thanks to an association of accredited hiking guides in the area, you’ll visit uncontaminated areas, between streams, rivers and hidden caves. The Paths are divided in different levels of difficulty, from the simplest for those who has little experience to the hardest excursions for the most experienced. And not only, it will be possible to climb on the cliff, also in this case, the activities are divided in different levels, from the beginner who faces this experience for the first time up to the more experienced.

The bike trails are in different levels of difficulty according to your needs. Do you need a bike? No problem, we will take care of it, we’ll make you find the bike in the place you requested and we will indicate the routes according to your requests!

To fully enjoy your holiday, a boat trip is a must, where you can choose whether to fish and then cook what you have caught directly on the boat, or choose to take fantastic baths offshore, or enjoy a unique and romantic aperitif at sunset!

All the experiences can be done either individually or as part of a tourist package, they are designed for both individuals and small groups (10/15 people). We offer standard packages that can be modified according to your needs!