Published on 3 November 2023

5 Must captivating Villages to visit in le Marche region

5 Must captivating Villages to visit in le Marche region

Have You Ever Been to Marche? Do You Know Piceno? If the Answer Is No, You’re in the Right Place.

We’ll Take You to Discover 5 Must captivating Villages to visit in le Marche region, Specifically in Piceno.

Let’s talk about lesser-known places with priceless historical and artistic value. We’re about to introduce you to the most beautiful attractions in Piceno. For a first visit, you absolutely can’t miss these top 5 villages – places off the beaten path, where you can explore without the long lines and chaos that usually prevail in major art cities.

5 Must captivating Villages to visit in Le Marche region

A collection of villages that will make you fall in love with our region

1) Marano

If you’re passing through Cupra Marittima, it’s a must to make a stop in the ancient village of Marano. The village is located on the highest hill in the area and overlooks the sea. Its medieval walls with battlemented towers, access gates, and stately palaces are still visible. From this viewpoint, you can admire a breathtaking panorama that stretches from Conero to Majella. In the village, you can also visit the Archaeological Museum

2) Ripatransone

A village not to be missed is Ripatransone, of Picene origin, it developed on several nearby hills from the union of multiple castles. Its medieval imprint still strongly characterizes it. A must-stop at the Archaeological Museum, along with special exhibitions on peasant culture and sacred art. The medieval Municipal Palace houses the Historical Theater ‘L. Mercantini.’ At the end of the visit, stop by the adjacent bar, where you can enjoy a good aperitif or coffee on the panoramic terrace. In the historic center, you’ll find the narrowest alley in Italy, measuring 43 cm. On the Sunday after Easter, the ‘Cavallo di Fuoco’ (Fire Horse) takes place, a spectacular and rare pyrotechnic show.

3) Offida

A wonderful village of ancient origins. The historic center is enclosed within the sixteenth-century walls. Venture into the village until you reach Piazza del Popolo, where you will be captivated by the beauty of the medieval Municipal Palace, which houses the magnificent 19th-century Teatro Serpente Aureo inside.

Continuing your stroll through the village, especially in the summer, you may come across the Offida women working on bobbin lace outside their homes, an ancient art that is still passed down from generation to generation. Take a break at the Bobbin Lace Museum. Last but not least, visit the Church of Santa Maria della Rocca, a fine example of Romanesque-Gothic architecture dating back to 1330. At the end of your visit, stop for an aperitif in one of Offida’s numerous wineries.

4) Acquaviva Picena

The village gathers around the majestic medieval fortress of the Dukes of Acquaviva, also home to the recently established Archaeological Museum. A maze of narrow streets, noble palaces, churches, and ramps creates unique views, such as the ‘Vicolo del Trabucco.’ The village is renowned for the craftsmanship of ‘pagliarole,’ straw baskets, and hampers made by the skilled hands of women. A must-stop is the Pagliarole Museum, where you can witness the crafting of the baskets and learn the history of this ancient art.

5) Monsampolo del Tronto

Last but not least, the medieval village of Monsampolo del Tronto. Its history is told by the 15th-century Convent of San Francesco, the charming Archaeological Museum hosted in the 15th-century cellars of the current municipal palace.Then, lose yourself in the alleys and Underground Paths where there is a permanent exhibition of nativity scenes. Finish your visit at the Museum of the Crypt of Santa Maria Assunta, where mummified bodies and restored folk costumes from the 17th-19th centuries are displayed.

Finally, why not enjoy a good glass of wine in the relaxing of the magical pine forest while admiring a beautiful sunset?

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